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High quality products for a very good price...

Great support

We have direct contact with the factories in Asia. Support in Chinese language with the technicians of the products is fast and easy. Also we are engineer and know (almost) everything of our products.

Sport lovers

We are tennis/padel trainers and players with knowledge of these sports, so we know what customers need for these sports.

Unique development

We developed some padel products ourselves. This is made for customers with just what they need for their trainings.

Featured Products


The most advanced Padel ball machine in the world! You want to train mixed padel shots (high/low/left/right) in 1 training? The Padelshooter can do this. All ball machines in the world are tennismachines and you can just train 1 padelshot at a time with it.

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipment. We ship by boat and by plane from Asia and The Netherlands.

Best Quality

We develop our products ourselves or we have direct contact with the factory for making the best products.

Best Offers

We can sure sell from our location in Netherlands but buying from our location in Asia gives you better prices.

Secure Payments

Payment is secure via Stripe with possible payments by bank, creditcard and some other secure payment methods.

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