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We are Arnold and Xiangyang and we are the founders of Racketclub in Netherlands. We have a cooperation with Racketclub HK to sell our products from Asia. We are specialized in ball machines for mainly tennis, padel and badminton.

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Our Team

We are ball machine specialists with departments in Netherlands and China!

Xiangyang (CEO)

Xiangyang was born in China and has lots of experience with sales and purchase of products in China. Xiangyang did a technical study and psychology. She knows how to find the best products before Arnold tests these, by monitoring reviews of many Chinese customers, she contacts only the best companies with quality products. As everywhere in the world, China has good and bad product companies. While many resellers mainly buy the cheap products, customers later say that Chinese products are not good quality. This is not true, China has many high quality companies and Xiangyang finds these. Also the service for the products is better because she can straight contact the technician (in Chinese language) to discuss/solve a problem. Shipping the products to Europe is also an important part of her work.


Arnold (Design - Technical)

Arnold is an engineer Information Technology with passion for tennis. During his career as engineer, he also became tennis trainer and sports massager, mainly from his interest in tennis. In 2007 he was the founder of "De Racketclub" to sell tennis products but soon it became clear that sports machines were the products which made him special compared to other companies in the market. Later Spinfire ball machines choose him to be distributor in Netherlands from 2013. He has now lots of experience with sports machines so he could advise customers and maintain these products the best. Besides the technical part of the company, he manages the company and selects the products for sale. He produces the manuals and video's of the products and also designs new products, all for making better products. Because Arnold is THE specialist in sports machines (especially ball machines) and you can contact him directly (whatsapp/phone/email), your product is in good hands.

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Worldwide Shipping

Shipping could be done from Netherlands for max. $ 350 by plane. From China we can ship the same products faster and for some countries for lower price.

Best Quality

Ball machines are often sold by people who don't know anything of the products. We are ball machine specialists with direct contact by Whatsapp for the best support. Also we develop the best quality machines by investigating and testing the machines thoroughly.

Best Offers

Our products are high quality and for a very good price. When buying from Racketclub HK, you can buy the same products and service for a lower price.

Secure Payments

You can pay safe with creditcard or some local payment methods with Stripe. Before doing a payment by bank, you can have direct contact with us so you know who we are and that we are real contacts and we don't hide who we are.

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