PadelShooter 3A, the ultimate Padel machine!


Introducing the Padelshooter 3A – The Ultimate Padel Ball Machine

Elevate your padel game to new heights with the world’s best padel ball machine – the Padelshooter 3A. Every training session will be transformed with this groundbreaking tool, custom-tailored to the unique needs of padel players.

Key Features:

  1. Unparalleled Training Versatility: While traditional ball machines focus on a single padel shot, the Padelshooter 3A revolutionizes training with the ability to mix high and low shots. Simulate any game situation by positioning balls anywhere on the court during a single training session.
  2. Intuitive App Control: The Padelshooter 3A seamlessly integrates with a dedicated Android app, offering:
    • Easy Mode: A simple interface for hassle-free use.
    • Training Mode: Access a plethora of in-built padel trainings, curated by experts.
    • Custom Mode: Craft your own unique training programs or download from a vast collection available on our website. (Note: iOS support is under development.)
  3. Personalized Experience: Tailor the Padelshooter 3A’s settings to match your level and training requirements. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, the machine adapts to offer the perfect challenge.
  4. Extended Playtime: Play longer and train harder with the included external battery, ensuring 6-8 hours of uninterrupted play. The set also comes with a charger. For those who need limitless power, an optional external power supply can be connected directly to the net wallet.
  5. Enhanced Features: As the successor to the acclaimed Padelshooter 1, the 3A incorporates additional features that refine the training experience:
    • A simplified remote control allows for a quick pause in ball shooting – ideal for those moments when reaching for your phone isn’t an option.
    • Experience a heightened pace with a faster shooting frequency, pushing your reflexes to the limit.
  6. Stylish Aesthetics: The Padelshooter 3A comes in two striking colors – classic black and vibrant red, ensuring it looks as impressive as it performs.
  7. World-Class Support: Purchasing the Padelshooter 3A means joining the De Racketclub family. Renowned as “the ball machine specialists”, we provide unparalleled knowledge and support, ensuring you get the most out of your machine.

Elevate your Training Experience

The Padelshooter 3A isn’t just a ball machine; it’s a commitment to excellence. Whether you’re training for a tournament or looking to master the game, this machine is your ultimate training partner.

Join the future of padel training. Secure your Padelshooter 3A today!


This PadelShooter 3A ballmachine is the successor of the 1st Padel machine in the world (“Padelshooter 1”). While other machines are all made for tennis, this machine is made pure for Padel. The machine is controlled by an app (at the moment only on Android, iPhone is in development) and has lots of inbuilt trainings and you can also make your own trainings. The machine is so special because it can mix low and high balls in 1 training at the positions of the padelcourt that you prefer. Also several trainings have some random functions in it. Imagine you get some volleys and then 1 high bandeja. Or a random numbers of volleys and a random numbers of bandeja’s. This is very special for a ball machine and very useful for a high level Padel training. De Racketclub introduced the PadelShooter 1 during the World Padel Tour in Sweden and many Padel players were amazed. You can find much more information and videos on:

The PadelShooter 3A has a huge battery (for 6-8 hours playtime) with charger and can optional be used on 220V (needs external powersupply for continuous play). Also very handy is the simple remote control for just stop/start shooting when you want to pause for a while or instruct your students. We also made an advanced manual and the app(s) could be downloaded from our website (we instruct after ordering), also you get access to some videos of the machine. Shipment within Europe is free, outside Europe maximal € 300,- (by plane). Good quality balls for padel training can be ordered (with the ball machine, this is a very special price and includes a free ball bag), very useful is also a tool for picking the balls from the ground. Especially the Rollercoaster is very fast and useful for 1 person, the tube is more useful for several players to pickup the balls (everyone has a tube to collect the balls) and the picking basket is useful when you want to use it as a ball bucket for trainers.

Because the PadelShooter 3A is produced by De Racketclub, you know that the machine is high quality and the service is perfect. A ballmachine needs sometimes service, just like a car. De Racketclub is specialist in ball machines and has excellent knowledge, experience and service for their ball machines, so you are very safe when buying a ball machine (compared to the many internet companies that have no knowledge, no experience and no parts of ball machines). While you don’t buy your car “somewhere on the internet”, why should you do this for a ballmachine? Also the PadelShooter 3A will be continuously improved and enhanced, and you can get free upgrades for it (only we share the shipment costs for this). This successor of the Padelshooter 1 is now working perfect and is available from our stock.

The app for controlling the PadelShooter is at the moment only available for Android phones, this can even be an old type Android phone or budget Android tablet (on internet about € 100,-).

Normally the PadelShooter 3A is on stock (see “Availability: ” below the price), only when the stock status displays “On backorder”, it might take a bit longer for delivery.

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